High Throughput

High Performance/High Throughput Computing (HPC/HTC) at University of Arizona

The FAQs below pertain to the 2012-2015 UA HPC/HTC systems. The new systems include a shared memory computer, a new ICE 8400 cluster, and an IBM High Throughput system (HTC) that is suitable for running serial/single-threaded jobs or other non-MPI jobs using up to 12 threads.  For more information of these computing systems, visit http://rc.arizona.edu

High Performance Computing System FAQs

The U of A UITS group maintains High Performance Computing and High Throughput Computing systems for use in research applications. A shared memory supercomputer and two Linux clusters (ICE and IBM-HTC) are available for running jobs requiring a large amount of memory, parallel processing, and certain visualization and scientific applications. ICE is a large cluster of Silicon Graphics Altix machines (12 cpus per node).  Read more...

Running BLAST Jobs on the UA Supercomputers

General information on running supercomputer jobs can be found here.
It is recommended that you read through the High Performance Computing FAQ (at the above link) in addition to reading this BLAST FAQ. Read more...